Q.   What is offshoring? What is outsourcing? Which is Yempo?

A.   Offshoring is where you set up your own office in a lower-cost location and manage all the intricacies of establishing and running a company in a foreign country. The staff you hire belong to your company and are subject to your company’s rules and regulations as well as local government compliance. Offshoring is typically not cost effective for small businesses.
Outsourcing is where you allocate roles or tasks to a third party organization and they source the skills wherever they are best located. Yempo offers the best of both worlds – no need for you to worry about establishing an offshore presence, but the staff we hire on your behalf are 100% dedicated to your work.


Q.   Am I taking jobs away from my own country? I’d prefer to support my local economy.

A.   Many of the roles and activities that small businesses choose to outsource are typically not desirable for your high cost staff to be doing, and you are paying a premium for them to undertake lower value work. In addition, outsourcing a portion of your headcount keeps your business in the game, not subject to the highly competitive activities of larger companies already benefiting from operating in low-cost locations. It also enables you to focus on building your business, which drives more income into your local economy.


Q.   Don’t I need to fire staff to make offshoring pay for itself?

A.    We don’t recommend you take this approach. Once you look at the activities that some of your highly paid local staff are performing, you will realize that their time can be put to much better use performing higher value activities, making them happier, more productive, and likely to contribute to increasing your sales. When staff leave by natural attrition, you could consider replacing them in an offshore location instead of in your own office. If they don’t have regular face to face contact with your customers and they are not required to be in your country for compliance purposes, their role can be considered for offshoring.


Q.   Where are you located?

A.   Yempo is a western managed company with offices in Australia, Hong Kong, Manila and Cebu.


Q.   What types of solutions do you provide?

A.   At Yempo, we tailor-fit solutions to meet your business requirements. Our highly experienced staff are fluent in English and can fully assimilate with your business. Our specialty is ensuring your staff understand not only the business but also the cultural environment in which you operate.

We can help you with any of the following:

  • IT Development staff: Developers, Testers, Support
  • IT Infrastructure staff: Technical support, Implementers, Engineers, Architects
  • Accountants, Bookkeepers and Legal staff
  • Customer Service / Sales / Lead Generation
  • Marketing Services: Blog management, PPC advertising, SEO, Social media management, and more
  • Administration, Data Entry and Research
  • Graphic Designers, Web Designers


Q.   Do you have contracts?

A.   Yes we do, however you are free to exit from the agreement with 30 days notice, no penalties.


Q.   How much does it cost?

A.   We pass through to you the direct salary cost of your staff on a monthly basis, plus a fixed monthly fee. This covers their office accommodation, infrastructure, supervision and on-boarding. Our rates are based on the high quality of our solutions while still being competitive. You can expect to save over $50k every year per employee offshored.


Q.   How do I monitor and manage my outsourced staff?

A.   We will provide options, tools, education and support for managing your offshore staff.


Q.   How do I track productivity and attendance?

A.   Our top priority is to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the service you receive. We can provide you with guidance on how to best manage your offshore staff such that productivity and attendance is never a concern.


Q.   How do I guarantee my data security and confidentiality?

A.   At Yempo, we take great care to ensure that data integrity, security, and confidentiality is not overlooked. Unlike freelancing websites, we make it a prerequisite for all our team members to undergo a background check and sign a confidentiality agreement. We will work with you on how data is managed and how to best work with your staff to ensure you have no concerns.


Q.   How do I get started?

A.   Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3! Our dedicated team of outsourcing consultants will work with you on identifying your needs, especially if it’s your first time to outsource any form of work that’s currently being done on-site for your business.


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