Top 3 Options for Outsourcing Admin Services


Today, as the demand for administration in business firms increases, the demand for outsourcing also increases. Every business company, from small to midsized, are looking for more outsourcing services. It helps them to outsource human resource management and payroll functions in a cost-effective manner.

At present, the top 3 outsourcing options for outsourcing admin services are freelancers, home-based employees and outsourcing company people.  Each outsourcing option has its own advantages and disadvantages. But, businesses have to decide which option is best for them depending on the circumstances and needs. Businesses should analyze each option very carefully before making a decision.


Freelancing service gives the freedom to choose any worker from the pool of talents around the globe. It involves individual persons working on a contract or per project basis. To hire a freelancer, the employer just needs to post the job with its description and required skills on the websites. He can select any of the freelancers who meet his job description and skills at an affordable price. Even small business owners prefer freelancers to complete their job.

Freelancing allows the employer to select fresh freelancers for his project. The employer hires the freelancer on a contract basis for a particular time duration. Therefore, freelancing is preferable for short term jobs and in terms of cost, it is also the best option available. Employers don’t need to pay the freelancer when he sits idle. In addition, the employer only pays when the project gets completed, so the employer knows what work he is paying for.

Freelancing has certain disadvantages. Sometimes, the employer hires a freelancer who does not possess the skills required for his project.  Such incidents give them bad experience in freelance hiring. This happens because interviews are not done in person. The absence of hiring checks and balance is also responsible for this problem. In some cases, hiring a freelancer for multiple jobs becomes a difficult task to manage. The employer has no control over the freelancer. Also, while working with freelancers, the employer knows nothing about the freelancer.

Home-based Employee

Companies do hire employees who work directly from their homes according to their needs. Working from home has some advantages and disadvantages.

Working from home saves travelling cost and time. The employee gets the freedom to work according to his/her schedule. He has flexible environment and time. This lessens stress and distractions and they can focus more on their work. This even improves the health of the employee as he can work according to his flexibility. This also increases their productivity at work. While working at home, the employee can work in any attire in which he is comfortable in. Home based working eliminates the need of office dress codes which might be uncomfortable. Also, the employee can give their time, which is saved from travelling, to their families.

However, daily working from home can separate the employee from the social environment of the office. This also separates us from the competitive environment of the office which is helpful to boost our productivity. Depending on the home environment, working at home sometimes causes more distractions than the office environment. Employees who work regularly from home may face difficulty in separating work life from home life.  He loses the discipline he gets in the office. Despite the fact that working from home saves travelling cost, it can also result in increased utility bills from using air conditioners. Home-based working also reduces face to face communication with our team leaders or members.


Outsourcing refers to assigning part or whole work to outside company or persons, on a contract basis depending on the services they provide. The main company hands over the data required for working on the project; i.e. the company outsources the data. The outsourcing company appoints experts to work on the project. They submit the project to the company after completion.

Outsourcing is the best option if our work demands highly skilled workers because these kinds of skilled workers on such jobs are abound in outsourcing companies. Outsourcing eliminates the cost of purchasing expensive tools or software required in the project. It even saves the cost of machines required for a short period of time. Outsourcing admin services help companies to focus on the core issues of the business. Also, the jobs can be completed in a shorter time. The outsource persons are good, have high motivation and productivity.

Though outsourced company employees are always fully aligned with the goals of the business organization, sometimes there is a risk of losing confidentiality of information. Also, the company cannot exercise tight control on the outsourced employee but, they can monitor their work regularly.

Out of the three options, Outsourcing admin services is the best option.  There are a few cons in it but they can be dealt with easily. An outsourcing company wants more and more work so, it is important for them to work properly to stay and keep their image in the market. By keeping constant communication with the outsourcing company, the organization can develop a tight business relationship with the company. Outsourcing is cost-effective, reliable and provides quality work within a short period of time.

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