How to Choose the Best Employees in the Philippines


Many big companies from all over the world are now embarking on hiring employees from the Philippines. This country is not only rich in natural resources but also has many workers who are eager to get things done. The majority of these employees are freelancers who work from their homes and can finish the task or job you have given them neatly and quickly. As a result, the new companies looking to outsource employees in the Philippines will find it easy here because their important projects get completed on time.  Freelance workers in the Philippines can easily be utilized when the need arises; moreover, these workers work under minimum supervision. However, as good as it may sound most business owners still find it hard to get good employees with the right skills. For a growing business, it is vital to have workers that can be relied on in the sense that they have to be there each and every day on time and has the capability to learn quickly. It is expensive to train a single, new employee and therefore it is only convenient to get the right long term employees. This paper will list some of the ways to find the choose the best employees in the Philippines. These ways includes:

  1. Professionalism

Majority of the business owners are in agreement that it is really inconvenient hiring new employees because you have to train them. This is not good for business because usually new workers are not ready to get the job done and consequently the business might miss out on crucial business opportunities, besides the experienced employees might get overworked in the long run since they have to train the new employees while also doing their jobs. Therefore outsourcing the work to the professional freelancers can be very helpful. You will find these virtual employees in the Philippines or in any other country in the world. There are applications like basecamp which will make any worker from anywhere easily access your projects and work on it. You can also communicate easily with them using communication programs like Skype. This is where you can get an assistant, someone to manage your projects, technical writers, and even web designers.

  1. Long-term contracts

Nowadays, there are many printed and online newspapers which give detailed job listings for the workers and even the business owners; this is where you can get long term employees for long-term contracts. Therefore, if you want someone with specific skills, then it would be convenient if you publish it on these newspapers and you will easily get a lot of responses coming in.

  1. Experienced staff management, stakeholder management

Trade publications are experts in the areas of getting you the best employees. They can get you the most experienced personnel starting from the staff up to the management. Their employment ads are forwarded to the specific businesses and group of workers associated with certain industries, moreover, the publications will give the detailed job history of an employee hence you will be in a position to choose one with a good working history. Nowadays, majority of the industries have their own trade publications. You will find the job adverts at the back of the magazines and the interested applicants could be possessing years of work experience in the given business sector. However, to get the best results you must also review their references.

  1. Track record in attracting and retaining talent

The easiest and the most effective way of finding and attracting the right employees with good track records and as well as those who can retain their talent in the Philippines is by using job recruiters.  However, this comes at a fee, but it is only for the employers, the workers can access this service for free. The work of the job recruiters is to go through all the applications and find the best applicants for the job given. These recruiters will further ease your work by going through all the references; hence you won’t have to go through them. The recruitment agency thoroughly screens all the applicants.

  1. On-site western management

Nowadays, there are many good job websites at your disposal; one of the most prominent sites is onsite western management. Using this website is normally free for everyone including the employers and the employees, but it is vital to do the verification first. This website has many adverts; it might take you a lot of time going through all of them. Therefore, it would only be wise to use your HR departments to go through all the applications matching your needs, go through the references and administer testing or job applicant examination.

  1. Fixed exchange rates

It is much easier to save your time and money while hiring new employees by just leasing an office space from the Servcorp Serviced offices who offer their services at fixed exchange rates. You can easily get a top-notch office with all your desired features at a much lesser cost when you lease an office from Servcorp. Moreover, getting well-trained employees who will always be at your disposal would be easy by just working with Servcorp. In a nutshell, Servcorp eases your work by getting you an office space and also highly trained employees. This organization offers top notch services in the Philippines, so contacting them would be a great idea.

choose the best employees in the Philippines

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