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Gab Yempo - “Your Employees Offshore” - is a Western-owned offshoring company, providing flexible and low cost staffing solutions to organizations around the world.

We take the time to understand your requirements, source staff with the right skills and present them to you for you to interview. If you proceed, they work under your direction in terms of workload, but we manage all the local pastoral care, payroll, government compliance etc. We essentially “host” your own staff and provide them with the best possible employee experience to ensure loyalty and commitment.

Our staff work in the timezone required by your business and we bill you in your currency. We only hire staff who speak fluent English and have experience working with Western colleagues and clients to ensure an understanding of Western business etiquette and work practices.

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CEO and Graphic DesignerYempo has 4 offices in 3 countries and we are providing services across Australia, Asia, US & Canada, United Kingdom & Europe.

Our management team is and will always comprise of at least 50% Western professionals to ensure the ongoing cultural understanding and development of our staff, and is currently comprised of Australian, American, British, and Dutch managers.

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Our team

  • Michelle Fiegehen

    Michelle Fiegehen is an Australian senior director now residing in the Philippines, overseeing and building…

  • Ian Parkin

    Ian Parkin is of English origin, now residing in Australia having lived and worked in the…

  • Ronnie van Gelder

    Ronnie van Gelder is a Dutch IT manager who moved to Manila at the beginning…

  • Travis Page

    Travis Page is an American digital marketing specialist who has been living in the Philippines…

  • Riza Tendero

    Riza Tendero is a senior Filipina HR professional with a Bachelor of Psychology and over…

  • Euneez Chua

    Euneez Chua, known as “Nic” is a Filipina Recruitment Specialist and graduate of Bachelor of…

  • Annabelle Noval

    Annabelle Noval is a Filipina Accountant with a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, with more…

  • Mig Cerbito

    Mig Cerbito is Yempo’s IT Support Officer and is a customer-focused IT professional with experience…

The Employee Experience


yempo-employee-experience Staff who join Yempo work in one of our professional office environments, in the prestigious Oakridge Business Park in Cebu, or in a modern and funky working space adjacent to the main shopping district of Greenbelt in Makati. Our office furnishings and IT infrastructure are new, and the space per staff member is generous compared to other organisations, and standard across staff and management.

Our office includes a well fitted pantry for staff meal breaks and casual meetings, with food and drinks available at no charge and a kiosk PC for personal use. A monthly gathering to celebrate success is one of the regular Social and Welfare activities available for staff participation.